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Happy New Year everyone. 2017 was a great year, but hopefully 2018 will be even better. We are planning some new products in the next few months, so watch this space...
Today T2Kreations will be remembering all of those who fought for our freedom and never returned. We owe you more than we can ever repay.

Not just the British forces but every soldier that fought for our freedom, English, Scot, Welsh, Irish, Nepalese, American, Christian, Muslim, Sikh.... Whichever religion whichever race... if you fought for our freedom you deserve our respect.
Take a look at our selection of gifts for Mums, Aunts, Sisters, or your bestie mate.... 
Prices start from £2.75 plus postage...


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Isabel Ayres beer one 😉

Eddie Teeboon. Your wallet won't fit

Julie Lee . Xxxx

Yazmin Mee

David Audsley

Tasha Clarke

Matt Thorpe

Tom Acton

Gillian Brogden

Sophie Cooper

Fiona Kelly

Minge Mctagart

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It is a little over 2 months until Christmas....
With prices starting as low as £2.75 plus postage, we have gifts to suit all budgets. Order early to avoid disappointment


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How much would top left be


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I’m staying away tonight, bought my watch charger with me but it won’t be in nightstand mode 😩.

*****NEW PRODUCT*****
Mini Valet Stand - from £9.95 plus postage attachmentImage attachment


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Mahalia Thompson need

Jordan Rooks

Did you know its less than 3 months to Christmas??

We have put together a new flyer to show people what we do. With prices starting as low as £2.75 plus postage, we have gifts to suit all budgets.
*****Mini Valet Stand*****
***Pre-Launch Photos***
We are nearly ready to launch this new product... but we need to wait for some good natural light for some better photos... 

Keep an eye on our Etsy store early next week.... They will be cost £10.95 with no engraving and £13.95 for up to 3 words engraved under the watch holder. UK postage will be £3.50Image attachmentImage attachment


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I'll have one Tim 😀

Very good idea is there a place for keys

These are coming along nicely.... ready for waxing and product photography some time tomorrow with some luck. Keep an eye out for these in our Etsy store early next week....
Ooooo Loooook a prototype for a new product....

Who likes our new Mini Valet stand? They are perfect for holding your phone and watch (or Apple Watch) and will be available from our Etsy store very soon


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Ooh. I do like this

*****Less than 3 Months to Christmas*****

T2Kreations have a large range of gifts for men and women with prices start as low as £2.75 plus postage, so there is something for everyone!