About T2Kreations

T2Kreations is a small (part-time) business based in West Wiltshire run by Tim who designs and makes handmade gifts and homewares from materials such as wood, acrylic and slate. Tim is helped by Karen, who assists with packaging, posting and generally supporting Tim. We started our journey in 2015 and hope to continue for many years. But we are sure you would much rather know a little about the people behind the business rather than have a boring history lesson…

Tim: (Owner)

I say I am the owner, but I am also the designer, maker and cleaner. If you send us a message, I am usually your first point of contact. I take a lot of pride in the products I make for people, every item is checked for finish and function before being passed to Karen for packaging and posting.

I have been designing and making “things” since I was a lad, so it was no surprise I became an engineer. Starting in the workshops as a sheet-metal worker and then a toolmaker I learnt many skills before becoming a designer of orthopaedic devices (my day job). I love making things, and I enjoy making them well, although the materials are much different to those I learnt to work with, in my apprenticeship,  the principles are the same, work methodically, without rushing, to create products that are of a quality I would be happy to buy myself.

Making is my passion! T2Kreations allows me to share my creations with the world, paperwork is a necessity that sometimes takes a little longer than intended (I am only human after all). I strive to make high-quality products and deal with customers in a professional and timely manner, but sometimes I may need a little reminder from Karen to respond to an email or create an invoice (behind every man, stands a great woman…).

Karen (Dispatcher)

I say dispatcher, but I am actually just a great woman… I keep Tim in line and make sure your items are wrapped and packed to a high standard before taking them to the Post Office, usually after a busy day at work. The local Post Office know me well and appreciate the time taken to put all the correct labels in all the right places, making their job easier, reducing the time I spend at the counter, but most importantly, making sure your item is delivered to you in good time. Every time you order with us, you can rest assured that I will let you know with a short message that your order has been posted and let you have the tracking details, once I have entered them into the accounts.

If you are waiting for a message or document from Tim I will give him a nudge in the right direction, especially during the busy times.